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Line Production

Location Scouting

We help you find the most beautiful locations across Canada for your project. We have established contacts with film commissioner’s offices in every city in Canada enabling complete freedom to shoot at any location you choose. Getting permission is a long process due to the involvement of various departments such as police, fire, parks commission etc. It is crucial to obtain permission to shoot at the preferred locations well in advance. We take care of it, so that you can focus on what you do best, making quality stories.

Visa Process

Our experienced agents help you complete the visa application process. CanEast Films is the only line production company in Canada who consistently manages to get visas for all team members of their past projects.

Budget Management

Managing finance efficiently in Canada is difficult for even the most experienced producer. Our partner accounting firms who specialize in budgeting, accounting and tax credit filing will expertly manage your budget so that no unnecessary financial burden is put on you.

Filing Tax Credit

Applying for tax credit is a very complicated process. Even a minor mistake spells rejection and the result will be the loss of thousands of deserved dollars as tax credit. Our partner accounting firm specialized in filing for tax credit will ensure you get the credit that is due to you.


We have established associations with many major hotels in Canada to obtain priority customer rate. However, often hotel rates escalate the budget and limit what you could do with your film. We can help you to get accommodation in university/college residences and villas at cheaper rates.


You cannot film in Canada without health and liability protection insurances. Our experienced insurance team ensures you get industry leading rates from partnering insurance policy providers.


We can provide you with vehicles such as cars and minivans. We also have a pool of regular and class 5 drivers who can drive large vehicles, which can transport 15 or more people. We take care of the transportation so your filmmaking experience here goes as smoothly as possible.

Crew and Equipment

We are associated with multiple equipment rental companies in Canada. Our database is made up of many talented technicians including gaffers, electricians and other crewmembers. It is very difficult to find experienced electricians and gaffers in Canada during peak production periods especially in the summer months. We will help you find some of the best technicians in Canada at all times of the year so that you can create beautiful stories no matter what.